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  • What are daily earnings and exploration?

Owners can start exploring by building a spaceship and take advantage of the rewards inside the planets.

  • What is the procedure for renting my land?

You can still earn money if you don't have time to play. According to the roadmap, you can rent your land to other users in the updates.

  • What is the process for opening and receiving my reward boxes?

As you find each reward box, you must bring it to your land and open it using the worker robot

  • How can I go exploring?

By mining resources, receiving airdrops, and buying from the marketplace, you can get spaceships and then start exploring with the spaceship.

  • What are the rewards for monthly leaderboards?

It includes a legendary box that is a combination of BNB, resources, and NFT.

Can I earn money by playing Space Six for free?

Yes, It is possible to make money by partnering with owners (by renting their land), doing quests, and selling resources without paying anything upfront.

How can I get spaceship parts?

The reward boxes you find through exploration contain spaceship parts.

How can I get resources?

By mining with a worker robot and exploring between planets, you can collect resources

How much electricity can I produce per day?

Electricity is only generated by solar panels and by generators that produce electricity only for the landowners

Do I have limited resources on my land?

Each land has a limit on its resources, which is recharged at the beginning of each month.

How do landowners and campers differ?

More buildings are on the owners' lands than campers, and they can also use electricity by using solar panels. Campers are only able to sell extracted resources in the marketplace, but only owners can build and explore with their spaceships.

Can I transfer more than one reward box at a time to my land?

Depending on the level of your land, you can keep one to three reward boxes.

Can I sell my lands and resources to other players?

Yes, you can sell them by extracting resources and placing them in the marketplace.

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