Game Mode

How to play
  • NextMining ResourcesThe first step in the game is that you are considered a free player or camper, and you can start extracting resources for free from your mines with the worker robot.
  • Once you buy land on this planet, you become a land owner and have many options and possibilities. As a result of becoming owner you will benefit from more daylight hours, so you can extract more resources; solar panels will receive more light, saving more electricity by working in the dark. In addition, the landowners' main goal is to build their spaceships using the materials they mined and prepare for exploration.
  • During the exploration section, the core of this game, the landowner players explore space around different planets with their spaceships to gain cryptocurrency or spaceship components as rewards.
  • Campers can rent the land from landowners, play for them, and share the profits. Later, they can sell their resources and even their land in the marketplace.
Space six game teaser