You can earn from pre-sale (Shop Smart)

  • Through smart shopping, you can get various reward boxes and even BNB, in addition, this condition is only for the pre-sale period :

PromotionRewardPurchase AmountDescription

Alpha Collection

Elite Box

10 Land

Buy a collection of 10 pieces at the same price

Beta Collection

Advanced Box

10 Land

Buy 10 Lands of one type at any price

Buy efficient

Elite Box

4 Land

Buy one of each type of land should be purchased (4 lands)

Buy efficient + Alpha\Beta collection

Advanced Box+ Elite Box + Epic Box

14 Land

Buy 14 lands, Alpha or Beta collection and a Buy to cost purchase

Alpha 2X

Epic Box + 1.5 BNB

20 Land

Buying two collections of two different types (Alpha X2)

Alpha 3X

Legendary Box + 3 BNB

30 Land

Buying three collections of three different types (Alpha X3)

Alpha 4X

Legendary Box + Epic Box + 5 BNB

40 Land

Buying four collections of four different types (Alpha X4)

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