ONLY Dimond Owners: Go Exploration

  • Only those players who have bought Dimond Land have access to the exploration of the Pandora Planet. The other cases require the discovery of X-Fuel, which gives you permission to explore Pandora.

  • The reward regarding this planet is a Legendary box which is composed of cash, NFT, and resources. As shown in a table in the "Planet" section, players must pay some gas fees to unbox their reward box.

  • Based on how long the owner stakes Pandora Planet, they will receive interest.

  • After three months of staking, the owner will receive a cashback of 15% of the initial price.

  • The owner will receive 32% of the initial price for six months of staking the planet.

  • And finally, if he stakes the planet for a year, 70% of the initial investment will return.

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